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Cat Health – Not grooming

Cat Health - Not grooming

You really learn new things every day. Yesterday I visited an old friend. I think I missed talking to him in a way because we always argue on everything. But we didn’t do that. I saw his cat … and it’s fur was messy. I asked him if he fought with another cat or anything […]



Cats and also be useful when hungry. Did you know cats have the ability to stick paper sheets together ? Well … actually they don’t but these great staplers from ThinkGeek just rock. It doesn’t use any bent metal wire. The stapler cuts a small flap and a notch in the paper, then it folds […]

After a good sleep

After a good sleep

After a good night sleep what does everybody do ? Of course … you yawn. Cats yawn to …

Cats with attitude

This guide has been written by all cats in the world … you can see that cats really have attitude Don’t be afraid to bite the hand that feeds you Play with your food Climb trees, especially Christmas trees Always take center stage Whenever you do something bad, be sure to make it appear as […]

Sleeping Cats

Sleeping Cats

Cats with their tongue out

Cats with their tongue out

I bet your cat does it to … and looks adorable. Big cats stick their tongue out to. But dogs … are way to funny when they do it

How old is your cat

Most indoor cats live to be 12 to 14 years of age, though some cats have exceeded 20 years of age. This table shows your cat’s age, and the equivalent human age. Cat’s Age Human Age 6 months 14 years 1 year 16 years 3 years 20 years 6 years 30 years 8 years 40 […]

A Cat’s Guide To Human Beings

A Cat's Guide To Human Beings

Introduction: Why Do We Need Humans? So you’ve decided to get yourself a human being. In doing so, you’ve joined the millions of other cats who have acquired these strange and often frustrating creatures. There will be any number of times, during the course of your association with humans, when you will wonder why you […]

Cat Shelf

I bet you all like to decorate your house with style. But … the standards change again … cause a house is nothing without a cat shelf. Just imagine how good this would look in your living room

New cat breed: Cabbit

New cat breed: Cabbit

Not sure how this happened but I believe Bugs Bunny had something to do with it