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Amazing Pencil Sketches Of Felines

Amazing Pencil Sketches Of Felines

Here are some amazing felines sketches. These are drawn with a pencil but look better than a photo, right ? You can view more amazing pencil sketches on Baby Doll – The Power Of A Pencil

Rare Lynx Cubs Born in Spain

Rare Lynx Cubs Born in Spain

Officials say three endangered Iberian lynx cubs have been born in a nature reserve in southern Spain. The Iberian lynx is the world’s most endangered cat, and the cubs were part of a breeding program in Andalusia’s Donana National Park. The regional environmental department says the cubs born Wednesday bring the total born to 27 […]

Lynx – Habitat

Lynx - Habitat

The lynx inhabits the high altitude forests with dense cover of shrubs, reeds and grass. Though the cat hunts only on the ground, it can climb trees and swim. Though it can be found in the northern regions of Scandinavia, it is primarily found in North America and also in pockets in the Himalayas. The […]

Lynx – Behaviour

Lynx - Behaviour

General behavioural traits resemble that of a leopard. Lynxes are usually solitary, although a small group of lynxes can travel and hunt together. Mating takes place in the late winter. Its desired resting place is in crevices or under ledges, and it gives birth to 2 to 4 kittens once a year. It feeds on […]

Lynx – Appearance

Lynx - Appearance

Lynxes have short tails, and usually a tuft of black hair on the tip of the ears. They have a ruff under their neck which has black bars (not very visible) and it looks like a bowtie. They have large paws padded for walking on snow, and long whiskers on the face. The color of […]

Lynx Species

Lynx Species

The four species placed in this genus are: Lynx lynx, Eurasian Lynx Lynx canadensis, Canada Lynx Lynx pardinus, Iberian Lynx Lynx rufus, Bobcat Eurasian Lynx While the Eurasian Lynx bears rather pallid markings, the Iberian Lynx has distinctive, leopard-like spots with a coat that is often light gray or various shades of light brown-yellowish. Some […]