Ethiopian Wolf

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Ethiopian Wolf – Status and Trends

Ethiopian Wolf - Status and Trends

History of Distribution: The Ethiopian wolf is endemic to Ethiopia. It was reported from most Ethiopian provinces in the 19th century. It has been rare since it was first recorded by science. By the late 1970’s it was thought to survive in only four populations – in the Simien Mountains and northeastern Shoa in the […]

Ethiopian Wolf – Data on Biology and Ecology

Ethiopian Wolf - Data on Biology and Ecology

Size and Weight: The head and body length of an Ethiopian wolf is about 1 m (3.3′). Female Ethiopian wolves average 12.8 kg (11.2 – 14.2 kg) (average 28.2 lb (24.6 – 31.2 lb)); males average 16.2 kg (14.0 – 19.3 kg) (average 35.6 lb (30.8 – 42.5 lb)). Habitat: The Ethiopian wolf is confined […]

Ethiopian Wolf – Profile

Ethiopian Wolf - Profile

The Ethiopian wolf has a bright chestnut-colored coat, bushy tail, pointed ears, slender snout, and long legs. It weighs 11 – 19 kg (24 – 42 lb). It is a localized endemic species and is confined to isolated pockets of grasslands and heathlands. The Ethiopian wolf is found above 3000 m (10,000′). It prefers areas […]