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Human Bodies Make A Tiger

Human Bodies Make A Tiger

Oh … the angles 🙂

Ready to post on my blog

Ready to post on my blog

Today I woke eager to post on my blog about my cat nap. When all of the sudden the computer crashed. After I installed a new HDD and upgraded my RAM … I checked the computer to see if it crashes while playing solitaire for 10 minutes … I don’t want the computer to crash […]

Female Tiger Plays With Baby Pigs

Female Tiger Plays With Baby Pigs

This female tiger plays with baby pigs at a zoo in Chonburi provience, at 80km east of Bangkok. The tigress was born in captivity and breastfed by a female pig for four months. Very cute pictures.

It’s a liger

It's a liger

Tiger Mates With Lion, Gives Birth to “Liger” Cub in Siberian Zoo. In what local zoologists are calling a miracle, a Bengalese tiger has given birth to a healthy tiger-lion cub at a Novosibirsk zoo. The cub is a cross between the female Bengalese tiger and an African lion. The animal resembled a lion cub […]

The Orange and Red Tigers

The Orange and Red Tigers

Orange Tigers Orange is the standard colour for the tiger. All other colours are caused by recessive genes (white), or sometimes by inbreeding (black). It is often considered that breeding facilities should aim only to produce the orange tiger as the colour is true to species and colours such as that of the white tiger […]

The myth of the maltese tiger

While in south-eastern China American missionary Harry R. Caldwell described a clear sighting of a tiger coloured deep shades of blue and maltese (bluish-gray). Caldwell was experienced in recognising tigers and during his time in China he shot literally dozens of the big cats. September of 1910 saw Caldwell in the Fujian Province and watching […]

Tigers – Subspecies

Tigers - Subspecies

There are nine subspecies of tiger, three of which are extinct and one of which is almost certain to become extinct in the near future. Their historical range (severely diminished today) ran through Russia, Siberia, Iran, Afghanistan, India, China and south-east Asia, including the Indonesian islands. The South China Tiger is believed to be the […]

Tigers – Behavior

Tigers - Behavior

SOCIAL BEHAVIOR 1. Tigers are essentially solitary animals, except for courting pairs and females with young. 2. Tigers with adjoining ranges may have friendly relationships, but even individuals with overlapping ranges usually keep 2 to 5 km (1-3 mi.) apart. 3. Though they hunt alone, tigers sometimes share their kills with other tigers. Female tigers […]

Tigers – Communication

Tigers - Communication

VOCAL 1. Tigers roar to advertise their location. Roars are used for long-range communication and can be heard for over 3 km (2 mi.). Roars can be used as a warning to keep other tigers away or as an invitation to bring another tiger closer. 2. Loud moans are most often heard in combination with […]

Tigers – Senses

Tigers - Senses

HEARING Tigers have exceptional hearing, which they use to locate prey in dense cover. Their hearing is probably similar to the hearing of domestic cats. Domestic cats can hear sounds in the range of about 0.2 kHz to 65 kHz. The average hearing range for humans is about 0.02 kHz to 20 kHz. EYESIGHT 1. […]