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What A Wonderful World – Puppet Show

You all know the song. Here’s a great video by Raymond Crowe.

Polar Bear Chomps Zoo Visitor

Polar Bear Chomps Zoo Visitor

A woman survived a polar bear attack in a Berlin Zoo enclosure when keepers pulled her to safety after knocking the animal away, the Daily Telegraph reports. One of four bears in the enclosure attacked the woman in a moat after she entered – a feat that required jumping a fence, hedges, and a wall. […]

Subwoofer Cat

Hey there cats all over the world. Just in case your owner doesn’t pet you as much as you want you can try this:


Munchkin cats are a relatively new breed created by a random mutation that produced a cat with extremely short legs. Munchkin cats have short or long coats in a wide variety of colors. Because of this cat’s short stature, munchkins are particularly adept at climbing and jumping. The Munchkin cat is usually raised as an […]

The Real Cat From Shrek

The Real Cat From Shrek

You surely remember the cat from Shrek … if not let me remind you. and yes … you remembered … Did you know that a real cat exists and it looks just like it ? Watch this video:

Eye of the leopard

One of nature’s most extraordinary cats can still be found deep in the flooded marshlands of a place called Mombo, in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. An ultimate predator, nearly silent, at times invisible, but when one can get close enough, always strikingly beautiful. Within this harsh environment, the leopard continues to flourish. One day, under the […]

Funny Cats – Another video

Funny cats