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Macro Photography – Bugs

Macro Photography - Bugs

Bugs are usually creepy, right ? Well these macro photos of bugs are really cool. And the bugs don’t look bad at all 😀

10 Bugs You Really Don’t Want In Your Home

10 Bugs You Really Don't Want In Your Home

Giant Leopard Moth The Giant Leopard Moth or Eyed Tiger Moth (Hypercompe scribonia) has a distinct pattern of black rings, reminiscent to those found in its namesake the leopard. The moth’s unmistakable colorings is aposematic, meaning that they are actually “advertising” the bug’s unpalatability to potential predators. Giant Camel Spider Perhaps we would never – […]

Kill Bed Bugs Fast

Do you want to get rid of your pest problem quickly? If you choose fumigation as a treatment for bed bugs, it takes time. Generally, it takes quite a lot of time. In fact, with fumigation, you and your family will probably have to move out of your house for up to three days until […]